We understand the brain clutter that results when you piece together numerous sources of online management software. Let GraceBase help you focus on your mission through it’s all-inclusive online solution.


GraceBase is a church management software solution designed to empower people in ministry by simplifying administrative tasks.

“Our pricing structure makes GraceBase a great fit for start-up churches, established churches and all congregations in-between.”

We believe that small churches need the same tools that large churches do to run efficiently and effectively, sometimes even more because they have fewer staff members and church members to carry the administrative load. Many congregations face budget constraints in staffing and will benefit from the support GraceBase offers. GraceBase is your ministry partner, a virtual staff member capable of handling a heavy administrative load, empowering the rest to get back to your mission, doing what you love – investing in people!

GraceBase is an affordable solution; no matter the size of your church congregation. Our pricing is based on the number of people attending your church. As your worship attendance grows, our pricing increases gently; in proportion with the number of attendees. This pricing structure makes GraceBase a great fit for start-up churches, established churches and all congregations in-between.

GraceBase Monthly Pricing Breakdown

10-100 Weekly Attendees

10-100 Weekly Attendees  – $50

101-200 Weekly Attendees

101-200 Weekly Attendees  – $100

201-300 Weekly Attendees

201-300 Weekly Attendees  – $150

301-400 Weekly Attendees

301-400 Weekly Attendees  – $200

401-500 Weekly Attendees

401-500 Weekly Attendees  – $250

501-600 Weekly Attendees

501-600 Weekly Attendees  – $300

601-700 Weekly Attendees

601-700 Weekly Attendees  – $350

701-800 Weekly Attendees

701-800 Weekly Attendees  – $400

801-900 Weekly Attendees

801-900 Weekly Attendees  – $450

901-1000 Weekly Attendees

901-1000 Weekly Attendees  – $500

If you have more than 1000 weekly attendees, please contact sales ([email protected] or 479-443-9945) for Enterprise pricing.

Online Giving

You’ll need a merchant account for processing online payments and donations. If you have an existing merchant account, integration options are available. If you don’t, we’ll be happy to help you set one up. And don’t worry, you’ll find the monthly fee and processing rates are minimal.

“grace” – the unmerited favor of God toward man   |    “base” – a conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends

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