Empowering people.
Simplifying tasks.



GraceBase empowers people to LEAD by providing lay leaders and staff with administrative tools to increase leadership effectiveness.

GraceBase is a church management software solution designed to empower people in ministry by simplifying administrative tasks.

Tools to Lead: Small Group Management | Mission Trip & Event Coordination

Small Group Management – Lay leaders can access small group roster and quickly update meeting dates/time on shared group calendar. GraceBase makes group emails or texts a simple click away.

Mission Trip & Event Coordination – Each mission trip member can create a personal profile page (with weblink) – featuring a customizable message to potential supporters and the ability to accept online donations, track fundraising progress, email a support letter, and send updates to enrolled donors/prayer partners.  Mission trip members can also email/text each other as they plan their next shared adventure.



Children's Check-in


Browse & Schedule Volunteer Opportunities


Online Registration for Classes, Small Groups & Camps


Online Group Management Tools


Group Email & Text Messaging***


Raise Support for Mission Trips & Track Fundraising Efforts***

***Online Giving and Text messaging require payment to external service providers, so text message setup will be available, but sending a text message will be unavailable.***

“grace” – the unmerited favor of God toward man   |    “base” – a conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends

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