MOTIVATION and direction guide brand strategy; people move it forward and breathe life into it.

Do. Your Brand Provides Motivation & Direction.

A successful brand strategy provides motivation and direction for its people and must have a focus; short-term and long-term goals that church leadership and members are working toward. Individual aspects can bring people together in really amazing ways as can be seen in real-life brand depiction. If there is a group of major motivators driving the congregation toward a particular goal, they can embody the brand and engage people to follow. When that happens, excitement can bring the congregation closer together, developing more depth to the brand.

Don’t. Make the building or the pastor the single focus of your brand strategy.

Let’s say the goal you’re working toward is a new building and lots of things are coming together; yay! While the building should reflect your church brand, its purpose is not to be the sole element in defining your brand.


A brand is a living, breathing thing; it’s the heartbeat, the bloodline of your church. By limiting it to a building, or even one person, you could be selling your brand very short. Why? Because…people fail and buildings don’t have stories to tell. We make mistakes, we make people angry and we don’t always get it right. The power of a brand is much stronger than any one individual! It is an experience that people can embody, but even without them, the brand will live on. The brand is an ongoing story that your congregation and staff will write. It’s directed and shaped by church leadership and intertwined with the interactions and substance of your members. Motivation and direction guide the brand strategy, people move it forward and breathe life into it.