Establishing and communicating CORE VALUES is essential to building the foundation of your brand.

Do. Communicate your core values.

What does your congregation believe in? What is your purpose, your mission? What are your guiding principles? Shape and develop your brand in ways that clearly express the core values of your body of believers. One method is through logo design, graphics, posters, social media and all other visual formats. Make it your goal to communicate your brand through these types of church marketing materials and to ensure that every composition lines up with your beliefs.

Don’t. Graphics have to encompass theological statements.

Should your core values be displayed? Yes. However, attempting to include every belief in one graphic is too much. Along the same lines, squishing a mass of information onto a poster, graphic, logo or invitation likely results in losing the heart of the message; which means you’ve lost your best chance at positive communication with that audience. Core does more when you think about prioritizing information on designs. Maximize your potential for a consistent brand by remembering, if it’s not necessary to say, then it’s necessary not to say it!


When people believe in your core values, they are more likely to try and connect to your brand and your organization. If there is too much “other” stuff in the way of that, distraction can steal away interest. Core values communicate commitment and build the foundation of your church brand. They should be taken seriously, cherished and woven into the fabric of all areas of your church experience.