Making CONNECTIONS is one of the primary goals of having an impactful brand. Does your church brand empower you and others and is it consistent throughout all areas of church experience? Does it foster meaningful connections within your congregation and with newcomers that lay a strong foundation for building lasting relationships?

Do. Make connections.

Brands have strength to connect and the ability to bring in people. What you give, you then receive. If you have a brand that is welcoming, engaging, exciting and unique, then that is what you bring in; people who are welcoming, engaging, exciting and unique. Connections and invitations can be made stronger through your congregation’s adoption of the brand. Welcome, welcome, welcome your community and invite them to join you!

Don’t. Use acronyms.

Acronyms and specific verbiage can harm your brand because only people who are a part of the group know what it means. For the sake of inclusivity, keep the acronyms out of the brand, i.e. – posters and graphics, etc.. Then, people won’t be scared off by a lack of information or a feeling of being an outsider.


Growth is vital for churches. Members may come and go. So, it’s important on many levels for new people to join your congregation. New attendees/members often trigger a resurgence of enthusiasm and offer fresh ideas that continue brand development in a direction consistent with the mission of your church.

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