BRANDING is more than designing a logo; it’s an emotion, and sometimes spiritual connection to a cause that tugs at your heart. Your success can be directly related to your brand and how well it translates in your community. Does your church brand empower you and others? Is it consistent throughout all areas of church experience?

Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are two examples of companies that possess a positive, cohesive and powerful brand. You know what to expect when walking into either of these establishments. You know the level of care you will receive, where to check out, who can help you and the expected value you will receive. Their brands were not built by accident. It takes time, often years, and intentional effort from companies to create an impactful brand through setting expectations of quality, both in product and service. Establishing core values is also important in building the foundation of your brand. Brands are not built in a day, but the importance of consistency over time is a common denominator among the world’s most successful organizations.

Do. Branding sets you apart.

Identify a difference-making factor in your church and emphasize it in the branding development phase to help set you apart.  Whether it be your mission, your service style or the people of your church, find out what makes your church, your church; and promote it. By establishing your unique brand you may catch the attention of people looking for the very characteristics that set you apart. Identify. Emphasize. Promote.

Don’t. There HAS to be a cross.

This mindset is a little outdated. In church, we talk about the cross and we often decorate with the cross. However, we do not have a moral obligation to use the cross in all of our branding, websites, promotional materials or platforms. It is used so often it has the potential of becoming “white noise” in a time that people need the church and the message the cross shares. So, many congregations are coming up with creative ways to promote their brand, state their message & do it all without the symbol of the standard cross.


Setting your congregation apart is a great way for people to stop and say, “They are doing something differently and I want to see more.” When people are drawn to the attributes that define your church organization, it can bring in committed and enthusiastic new members that may transition into being the next leaders of your church. Don’t sell yourself short with the status quo; tap into the unique pulse of your church and promote it!

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