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Communicate Through Text

Text to Give | Welcome Guests Announcements & Cancellation Notice Parental Alerts & Reminders

GraceBase is a church management software solution designed to empower people in ministry by simplifying administrative tasks.


Text to Give - Tithe on-the-go

Members can securely send money while sitting in a church service, waiting at the doctor’s office, or boarding a plane – tithing is now a simple text message away!


Text to Guests – Automated Welcome message & Follow-up

Filling out a contact card is a thing of the past. Instead, guests will LOVE the convenience of texting “New” to the church’s designated texting number.  In return, the guest receives a special Welcome note from the pastor and a link to a contact form – reducing administrative burden and facilitating guest follow-up. Automated campaigns can be scheduled to text a sequence of messages as well.


Text to Parents - Alerts & Reminders

Parents can be reached at anytime with a simple text message. Alert a parent attending a church service that her child needs attention in the nursery- or, quickly text students/parents of the last minute location change for youth group that night.  GraceBase’s texting feature makes parental communication a breeze!


Text to Congregation - Announcements & Cancellation Notices

Creating a Text message is the most effective way to get the message out! We all know that emails can quickly get buried in an inbox and never be opened. GraceBase allows you to create and schedule automated text messages to the congregation (or small group) announcing a new sermon series, plugging the next big event, reminding of upcoming classes, or sending a weather cancellation notice.

“grace” – the unmerited favor of God toward man   |    “base” – a conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends

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