Having a church social media strategy is vital in our digital world…

Today, more than ever before, it is essential for churches to develop a social media strategy. Our world is a digital one and it’s likely this will only increase in the future. The goal of this final post of our 2-part series is to continue helping you learn more about how to develop an impactful social media strategy for your church.

In Part 1, we began the conversation about why churches need a social media strategy by focusing on the following two points: ‘Go Where Your People Are’ and ‘Add Value’. In Part 2, we conclude the discussion on church social media strategy with ‘Control Your Message’ and ‘Connect and Care.


the world is reading;


the world is needing;


the world is heeding.

Billy Graham

3. Control Your Message 

If you don’t have a voice on social media, you have no control over your digital perception or the reputation that you hold. Silence or lack of action may send a powerful message, but not necessarily one you would choose. It is vital that church social media is created to perform well in today’s ever growing digital world.

church-social-media-control-messageNow, there’s no need to set up five different forms of media and post every few hours. Maintain control of your content by keeping it simple. Decide what value you will add and then set a control or strategy to make it happen. Pick two or three days out of the week, plan your posts and schedule them on Facebook, or add them to Twitter. Share or re-tweet messages that align with your church’s core beliefs and values and consider utilizing images as a visual partner to your words.

By controlling the message presented through your church marketing strategy, you can capture the attention of who your message is exposed to. The more positive exposure, the potential for more people to engage with your congregation.

4. Connect and Care

Some churches view social media as a direct advertisement of their church. They post pictures of the building, review the sermon series or talk about meetings the church holds. While these things are important in a sense, do they grab your attention at a heart level?

church-social-media-connect-careDoes an image of your church building give you warm fuzzies, or will a snazzy flyer of your sermon series make you want to hop in the car right away to save your seat? Maybe. But what can be viewed as more rewarding is connecting with your congregation with a deeper message. You can share stories of the people that make up your congregation through blogging or highlights. You can snap photos of kids having fun in their ministry, share prayer requests and reach out to members of the community through your church marketing strategy.

Church social media is best accomplished when there is a unifying connection point between content and the people reading it. Let’s not post, just to post. Instead, add value, control the message and care!

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Social Media Statistics- pulled from https://prochurchtools.com/ultimate-social-media-strategy/ :

• 90% of Millennials use social media
• Every minute, 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube (that’s over a decade a day!)

  • 1 in 5 couples meet online
  • If Wikipedia were made into a book it would be 2.25 million pages long

• The most active group on social media is mothers with children under the age of 5
• The fastest growing user base on social media is 65+

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