Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.
Robert McKee



who you are

Church blogging creates a voice that is shared with your congregation and community. You control your message and how you share it with the world. In your blog, you can state your values, your organization’s core beliefs and how those beliefs lead your church.

It is so important to post a blog on your church website so when visitors are searching for information, they can learn about who you are before even walking through the doors of your church. Your blog may even “seal the deal” on a person’s decision to attend and possibly encourage them to get plugged into a ministry. If people fall in love with who you are and what you stand for, they will be more likely to join you in what you do!


what you do

The saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, now’s your chance to use pictures to tell your stories. Share the impact of what your congregation does in your community through church blogging! The more diverse your stories are, the more opportunity you have to connect with someone. Document the service activities, for example, that your members are involved in so that your church recognizes these contributions. The hope is that others will pursue similar service projects after being inspired by the stories.


why you do what you do

Once you’ve established the foundation of who you are and what you do, it’s time to share why you do it. The “why” is the most important part of your message. Through your regular blog postings you can articulate that message to the masses. The “why” is the core of so many actions, and when you connect with an audience on a deeper level, relationships can be built around that common cause. Share the heart behind the actions and those performing them…share your why!


where you’re going

Church blogs are not only an additional source of connection for the online user but also an amazing marketing tool to get people engaged in where your congregation is going, literally and figuratively. What upcoming opportunities are there for you to share about, what mission trips are there to promote… are there any avenues of change to get people involved in…? Maximize this online platform to help equip members to share and invite others to join in on your congregation’s adventures.


how people can join you

Once you’ve explained the who, what, why and where, it’s time to share how people can get involved! Church blogging can help you invite individuals to partner with you in ministry and provide the specific information and instructions needed so that it is simple for people to plug in.

Effective blog posts can expand your congregation’s impact on individuals and keep the goals of your church alive. Every church needs a blog to continue growth in an ever-changing, digitally focused world. Using a blog to share your stories, explain what your church is doing in the community and communicate how people can join you is not only a smart choice but an essential one. There is power in what you say, so say it with a blog!

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