Better Communication through Texting

busy-scheduleToday’s modern family is busier than ever. For the mom of 4 children in your congregation, it often feels like a 3rd job keeping up with practices, weekend games, multiple schedules, multiple inboxes, multiple devices. It has become quite a noisy world. Inboxes get cluttered and emails are quickly buried. How does the modern family allow the information that is important to them to get through and make its way to top-of-mind awareness?! The answer is SMS (short messaging service) – better known as text messaging.

In 2014, 81 percent of American adults who owned smartphones used a short messaging service (SMS-texting). Furthermore, approximately 90 percent of communicate-through-texttexts are read within the first three minutes of delivery.” Families have become dependent on text reminders from teachers, pharmacy pickup, package delivery, doctors’ offices, etc. Let us explore how the modern church can utilize text messaging to improve communication with its congregation.

When is church text messaging effective?

SMS should mainly be used for critical information requiring the user to take an action or be reminded. SMS can only contain a maximum of 160 characters, which limits you on the amount of information communicated to the user. In addition, compared to emails, SMS are easier to delete and harder to search through. So, if you need to send out a last minute room change, reminder about a big event, or the address for the small group location that night, text messaging is the way to go!


4 Easy Ways a church can improve communication through texting:

Text to Congregation – Announcements & Weather Cancellation

text-alertsCreating a Text message is the most effective way to get the message out! We all know that emails can quickly get buried in an inbox and never be opened. Use texting to alert the congregation (or small group) of a new sermon series, the next big event, an upcoming class or a weather cancellation.


Text to Parents – Alerts & Reminders

Parents can be reached at any time with a sitext-to-parentsmple text message. Alert a parent attending a church service that his/her child needs attention in the nursery- or, quickly text students/parents of the last minute location change for youth group that night. Texting makes parental communication a breeze.


Text to Guests – Automated Welcome Message & Follow-up

Filling out a contact card is a thing of the past. Instead, guests will LOVE the convenience of texting “New” to the church’s designated texting number. In return, the guest receives a special Welcome note from the pastor – and his/her contact information is automatically recorded into the church’s management software fotext-to-giver future follow-up. Automated campaigns can be scheduled to text a sequence of messages as well.


Provide Congregation with Text to Give option – Tithe on-the-go

Members can securely send money while sitting in a church service, waiting at the doctor’s office, boardinparent_receiving_text_alertg a plane… – tithing is now a simple text message away!




Ready to make text communication possible for your church?

Introducing GraceBase, the church management software that empowers you with administrative tools that get you back on mission, doing what you love – investing in people! Grace Base features many text messaging options in its management software. Church staff and lay leaders can easily send text messages to specific individuals, ministry groups or their entire congregation.

Text Announcements & Cancellation Notices| Text Parental Alerts & Reminders
Text to Welcome Guests | Text to Give

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