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GraceBase is a church management software solution designed to empower people in ministry by simplifying administrative tasks.

Empowering people to CONNECT

GraceBase provides navigational support to newcomers from the first moment they walk through your doors by ensuring the Security of children on campus; offering online Registration for classes, small groups & camps; as well as enabling Text Message communication for relevant church news. Provides simplified communication between the church body and staff.

Empowering people to GIVE

GraceBase makes it easier than ever for church members to begin contributing their time, talents & treasures within the church body. Through myGraceBase personalized account, families are able to create a family profile with secure login – enabling online monetary giving, ability to browse & schedule a volunteer opportunity, and quickly connect with church staff.

Empowering people to LEAD

GraceBase provides lay leaders with easy-to-use online group management tools that help with scheduling, recruiting & communicating with group members. Group email and text is just a simple click away. GraceBase also aides mission trip members in raising support and tracking fundraising efforts through their very own myTrip profile.



Children's Check-in


Browse & Schedule Volunteer Opportunities


Online Registration for Classes, Small Groups & Camps


Online Group Management Tools


Group Email & Text Messaging***


Raise Support for Mission Trips & Track Fundraising Efforts***

***Online Giving and Text messaging require payment to external service providers, so text message setup will be available, but sending a text message will be unavailable.***

“grace” – the unmerited favor of God toward man   |    “base” – a conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends
church management software

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